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PWC cables 

for structures

PWC cables 

for bridges

Spiral strand


Stay cables

with 1860MPA



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Снимок экрана 2023-03-15 в 11.39.11 AM.png
Снимок экрана 2023-03-15 в 11.20.57 AM.png

About the factory

 Cable factory is the only integrated professional company in China that specializes in the production, testing and installation of cables, owning two PWS production lines and one PPWS production line, the main products include bridge structure cable, tensile structure cables, PPWS cable and all kinds of fasteners. The largest size is up to Ф7×649.


 The factory has achieved many international scientific and technical achievements and acquired many national patents. She also participated in the editing of many standards, such as the cable standard for architectural construction, the technical regulations for cable structures, the rules for accepting the quality of membrane structures and the technical regulations for stressed steel structures.

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