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About Us

  Wayne International Trading (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. - was found by the meeting board of the several chinese marine engineering and manufacturing companies as a worldwide supplier of high-quality marine equipment. Company is located in the port-city of Tianjin at the Tianjin Economic Developing Area (TEDA) which is 150 km away from Beijing - the capital city of China. Our management team members have more than 15 years experience in Marine Engineering and had completed lots of projects in China and the other parts of the world as well.  


  Our main goal - is to provide our foreign customers with the best-quality certified marineequipment, along with the top-tier service and non-border fast delivery. To achieve that goal we are partnering with the biggest most innovative enterprises in China. We strive to provide every customer with the best quality rigging, lifting, marine, subsea and measuring equipment. We offer a very wide range of products such as: anchor chains, different kinds of steel cables for bridges and structures, steel wire ropes, textile rope slings, fittings, shackles, ROV (Remotely Operated vehicle) etc. 

  Every order is important to us - we will supply the product that best fits all your requirements. If you got any problem you can trust us to solve it for you.














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-  improve the work space conditions, safety and efficiency of workers engaged in marine engineering, production, construction, mining etc., by suppling certified high-qualitative modern equipment.


- become the best worldwide respectable well-known marine equipment & services provider, with multinational, talented team of professionals.  

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