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Solid buoyancy material equipment

Solid buoyancy material products main info:

     WAYNE INTERNATIONAL is an international provider of outstanding solid buoyancy material equipment for offshore, commercial, and other oceanographic applications. 


    Our products are widely used in various underwater robots, submersibles, submersible systems, diving bells, underwater collectors, offshore oil exploration and development of water insulation pipes, deep-water pipelines, mooring floats, and other fields, meeting the needs of deep-sea exploration. Ocean exploration, oil exploration, deep-sea mining, and other needs have broad application prospects.


    The main products are ROV/AUV floats, umbilical cord cable/cable floats, water insulation floats, navigation buoys, platform floats, etc. These products have reliability and can provide stable buoyancy to ensure the safe operation of submersibles underwater.

Main advantages:

As a key component of the ocean observation system, our buoys have a high degree of reliability and performance. The buoy is made of solid buoyancy material, which can provide enough buoyancy to ensure that the buoy can maintain balance and buoyancy underwater.


The size and density of the buoy can be customized according to the customer's needs. Through material selection and strict control of the manufacturing process. Our buoys have pressure resistance and waterproof performance, which is suitable for various extreme underwater environments.


The polyurea material sprayed on the surface of the deep-sea buoys can provide an additional protective layer to increase the durability and waterproof performance of the product.


Polyurea materials have weather resistance and corrosion resistance, which can resist oxidation, corrosion, and damage in the underwater environment.

We offer easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions for subsurface moorings and offshore applications.

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Buoys customization options:

Custom Solutions Available

Application water depth: 0-6000 meters

Shape: Sphere or ellipsoid, with a through hole in the center of the seabed foundation

Advantages: low maintenance cost; customizable size; strong fatigue resistance

Application areas: Marine mooring system; acoustic Doppler flow rate profiler; fixed equipment, etc.

Buoyancy material surface treatment method: Glass fiber reinforced plastic coating, polyurethane, paint.

Available colors: Yellow, orange, red, and other required colors.

Fast, efficient, and safe installation.

Materials and shapes that meet industry national and international standards.

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