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About the factory

 - Lifting chain & sling factory has a chain making machine, flash butt welder, stretcher from WAFIOS (German) and SPECTROMAXx brand metallurgical analysis spectrograph. 

  -  With the expansion of the market share in recent years, the factory has built 17 chain production lines, 3 chain sling assembly lines and 2 ring welding lines.

Main characteristics:

The main products are: Chain sling factory mainly produce high-tensile lifting chain, high-tensile chain sling, round link chain and steel compact chain for scraper conveyor and auxiliary part for mine chain.

Production range: Ф6 - Ф48mm

Mining chain obtained MA certificate.

Lifting chain obtained CE certificate and participated in the compose of GB/T24816 "Short link chain and hoists lifting chain with grade eight ordinary precision chain".

The chains adopt high-quality special steel material from the domestic and foreign market and produced in accordance with the standard of EN818-2, GB/ T24816-2009, GB/T12718-2009, Q/JL018-2012.

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