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Anchor chains drawings

* Listed drawings are presented only for your reference, for more accurate data on a specific product please contact our specialists
Anchor Chain Common link drawing

Common Link (C)

Anchor Chain Enlarged link drawing

Enlarged link (EL)

Anchor chain End link drawing

End link (E)

Anchor Chain Studless link drawing

Studless link (SL)


Anchor chain Joining shackle drawing

Joining Shackle (JS)

Anchor chain End shackle drawing

End Shackle (ES)

Anchor chain Swivel Piece drawing

Swivel (SW)

Anchor chain Anchor swivel shackle A drawing

Anchor swivel shackle A

Anchor chain Anchor swivel shackle B drawing

Anchor swivel shackle B

Anchor chain H-type Joining shackle drawing

LTM H-TYPE Joining Shackle

Anchor chain common link drawing

Common Link (C)

Common Link (C)
Common Link (C)
Round Link (RL)
Anchor chain LLLC link drawing
LLLC link
Anchor chain Triplate drawing
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